TWAP033: The Nine Degrees of Autism

Philip Wylie and A Positive Developmental Model for Autism

The Nine Degrees of Autism

Have you ever wished for a roadmap to explain your life?


Philip Wylie and a panel of autism experts (including Louise Page, Dr. Wenn Lawson, Dr. Michael Fitzgerald, Dr. Tony Attwood, and Dr. Temple Grandin, and more) have created a positive developmental model to explain autism across the lifespan.

About Philip Wylie

  • had a very late diagnosis of Aspergers
  • chartered financial accountant (equivalent to a CPA in the United States)
  • completed his MBA
  • born in London, moved to southeast Asia about 13 years ago
  • passions – driving motorcycles, swimming, writing (used to be a long distance cross country runner)
  • loves Indy Music, swimming, and traveling

In This Podcast Episode, You’ll Learn:

  • What a developmental model of autism is
  • The benefits of a positive developmental model for autism
    • Comprehension – the model distills the many autism facts into understandable stages
    • It supports positive mental wellbeing – the model recognizes a person’s gifts and values to society, versus the medical model, which only focuses on impairments and deficits
    • The model provides a clear, systematic, linear map of development
    • It combats many harmful myths about autism, including the belief that autism is a disease that must be cured.
  • The Three Triads of Development
    • Stages 1-3 Confusion
    • Stages 4-6 Identity Alignment
    • Stages 7-9 Well-Being, Productivity, Service to Society

Links and Resources

The Nine Degrees of Autism: A Developmental Model for the Alignment and Reconciliation of Hidden Neurological Conditions.

Philip Wylie writes,

About 15 years ago I identified a numerology system which resonated with my life and became a special interest but I did not understand why until 2012/2013.

I shared my “Nine Degrees of Autism" with Dr Luke Beardon at SHU and he
recognized it as being a valid developmental model for autism and other hidden
neurological conditions.

In 2014 Routledge accepted my publishing proposal for this model. This book has
contributions from the leading authorities on autism including Temple Grandin and
Stephen Shore.

Very Late Diagnosis of Asperger Syndrome: How Seeking A Diagnosis In Adulthood Can Change Your Life, by Philip Wylie

philip wylie psychobiography





Psychobiography of a Systemiser, by Philip Wylie

In early 2012, Philip received a pre-diagnostic assessment from Sara Heath of Autonomy (UK) after a one hour Skype interview / evaluation. In 2013, he obtained a formal diagnosis from a psychiatrist who consults for the UN in Asia.


Philip’s blog

(good article –

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