TWAP042: Did You Know? Aspergers Is Awesome!

An Interview with Dr. Frank Gaskill, PhD

Aspergers Awesome

Aspergers is Awesome!

So says Dr. Frank Gaskill, creator of the Dr. G. Aspie Show, and I agree with him!

All people, over time, are susceptible to negative messages about themselves.

Because Aspies and autistics are often made to feel “less than”, they can start believing these messages from society and media.

That’s why I’m so glad professionals like Dr. Frank Gaskill are out in the world, seeking to educate society about the many strengths of Aspergers.

Dr. Gaskill’s Academic Background:

Dr. Frank Gaskill, PhD

  • B.A., M.A., and Ph.D. in Psychology from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
  • Internship at Devereux Foundation of Pennsylvania
  • Senior Research Psychologist for Devereux Foundation, serving treatment outcome research needs for +15,000 patients across the country
  • One of the founding and a managing partner of Southeast Psych
  • Member of private schools admissions testing team (CAIS) Author/Co-author of 2 books

In This Episode You’ll Learn About:

  • His positive view of Aspergers and how that came about
  • The lemon continuum
  • Using a skills based approach
  • How he became interested in psychology in general and Aspergers in particular
  • How Dr. Gaskill joins his clients’ world
  • How Dr. Gaskill and his group practices make psychology fun
  • AspieCon!
  • Dr. Gaskill’s thoughts on the term “Aspergers" going away – or not
  • How parents can promote a positive view of autism/Aspergers to their child
  • Mentoring for young people on the spectrum via David Finch.
  • The benefit of the superhero analogy

Links and Resources:

Max Gamer: I Am A Superhero!

Shrink Tank – Dr. Gaskill’s site, where popular culture and psychology meet!

Southeast Psych – Dr. Gaskill’s fun and innovative practice.

Dr. Travis Langley, Superherologist!

Comicspedia – a cool site talking about comics and psychology.

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