TWAP41: Improving Self Esteem with Philip Wylie

Acceptance, Unconditional Service, and Mastery

improving self esteem

Just four years ago, Philip Wylie didn’t even know about autism or Aspergers. He was living overseas in Thailand.

Through a series of circumstances, he learned about and was diagnosed with Aspergers.

While others have had better experiences, he unfortunately went through some deep depression after discovering his diagnosis.

Four years later, Philip has learned deep self-acceptance. He’s spearheaded various valuable projects, written books, and is spreading a positive awareness of autism.

I recently read an article by M. Kelter from Invisible Strings blog about the high number of email inquiries he gets from autistics and Aspergians who are depressed and have suicidal thoughts. They are so discouraged.

But there is a movement of great Aspergian and autistic writers who are bringing hope.

Philip is one of those writers.

Improving self-esteem is something you can do by learning more about the nine degrees of autism.

In This Episode You’ll Learn:

  • The final three stages of the Nine Degrees of Autism: Acceptance, Unconditional Service, and Recognition/Mastery/Unity
  • The importance of focusing on your passions, strengths, and interests
  • The difference between a day job and legacy projects
  • And much, much, more

Action Plan For Improving Self-Esteem:

  1. Buy the Book, The Nine Degrees of Autism
  2. Read and learn about each degree of autism.
  3. Write down tips from each stage that you can apply to your own life.
  4. Join the Thrive with Aspergers/Autism community by going to my contact page and letting me know you want to join, so that you have others to support you on your journey.

Links and Resources:

Philip Wylie’s Home Page – with all 3 parts of his Psychobiography –

Philip’s Digitized Copy of His Grandfather’s Autobiography can be found in the links below:

Blood Clots etc (Part 2) can be found in the links below:



Here Philip Wylie’s page with Routledge which lists the prior Thrive With Aspergers podcast with Philip:

Genius Genes: How Asperger Talents Changed The World, by Michael Fitzgerald and Brenan O’Brien

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