TWAP90: How To Improve Your Wellbeing – 3 Integrative Health Tips

An Interview with Greg Garoppolo

integrative health

Integrative Health.

Have you thought much about it?  Well, if you live in one of 20 something states who have licensed naturopathic physicians, you’ll be familiar with it.

In the Thrive Community a few weeks ago, several members were asking about holistic health tips.  I then found out that one of our members, Greg Garoppolo, is completing his doctoral studies in naturopathic medicine.

He graciously agreed to join me on the show.

In This Episode, You’ll Learn:

  • about Greg’s work in the Portland area helping to coordinate a support group for employed autistic adults
  • Greg’s vision for better healthcare for the autism community
  • How Greg went from selling cars to doing medical research, and now to helping clients improve their health
  • Tip #1: Understand how Stress Can Undermine Your Diet
  • Understanding how sensory processing difficulties and emotional regulation challenges can lead to unhealthy diet choices
  • Tip #2: Keep a diet journal and record what you eat, how you feel emotionally before you eat something, and then how you feel emotionally after you eat something.
  • Tip #3: Adjust your exercise to your own needs.  For example, stretching exercises may be just as effective as cardiovascular exercise.
  • There are many more tips embedded in our free ranging conversation.
  • You’ll also learn how naturopathic physicians are similar to, but also different from MDs.

Helpful Links and Resources

Greg graduated from Pace University in NYC in 2011, Magna cum Laude with a BS in Biology.

He obtained his Master’s of Science in Integrative Medicine Research from the National University of Natural Medicine in 2016.  His thesis focused on  a historical review on malaria control methodology.

He is completing final requirements for a doctorate in naturopathic medicine.

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