TWAP075: What Everybody Ought To Know About Camouflaging Autism

camouflaging autism

I still remember hanging out with Brazilian kids after being away in the United States the previous year.

I’d forgotten a lot of the Portuguese I’d learned, and I found myself smiling, nodding my head, and trying to put phrases together.

It was uncomfortable, to say the least!

But I wanted to fit in with my peers, so I gave it my best effort.

In today’s show, I’ll be talking about camouflaging autism.

Camouflaging Autism: You’ll Learn

  • What camouflaging is
  • Motivations for camouflaging
  • Benefits of camouflaging
  • The Costs of camouflaging
  • How autistic adults have learned to cope with camouflaging

Links and Resources

The Costs of Camouflaging Autism, an article in Spectrum News.

Spectrum Stories, podcast episode about Camouflaging Autism

“Putting On My Best Normal”: Social Camouflaging in Adults with Autism Spectrum Conditions [Hull, L., Petrides, K.V., Allison, C. et al. J Autism Dev Disord (2017) 47: 2519.]

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