Improve Your Life With These Autism Spectrum Blogs

A blog is in many ways a continuing conversation.


Andrew Sullivan

I like the above quote.  Because we autism bloggers need to learn from and interact with each other!

And if you are new to the subject of the wonderful autism spectrum, it helps to find many bloggers in one place.

I hope to highlight other autism spectrum blogs in the future.

For today’s post, I found seven autism spectrum blogs for your reading enjoyment.  Check them out early and often!

The bloggers featured today are all diagnosed with Aspergers, and they’re making their mark on the world.

The Autistic Me: Writing to Understand

C.S. Wyatt, PhD, is an assistant professor within the School of Communications and Information Systems, Department of English and Communication Skills, at a private university.

Here are his credentials, as listed on his blog:

My doctorate is from the Univ. of Minnesota. My specializations are new media, online education, and special needs students. The granting program was Rhetoric, Scientific and Technical Communication; cross-disciplinary coursework was completed in several departments to address my varied interests.

His blog represents his quest to learn ever more about the autism spectrum.

As an NT, I’m grateful for blogs like these. It’s essential that we NT’s learn from those on the autism spectrum, because there is no way we will ever fully understand the spectrum without their insights.

Dr. Wyatt provides two pages I find particularly helpful:

Ask A Question

If you have a topic or question you would like to see addressed on The Autistic Me, feel free to post it here. I will do my best to respond with a blog entry and will include the tag / label “questions” to enable searching for reader questions and my responses.

Education and ASD’s

Having progressed through the education system to the point of obtaining his PhD, Dr. Wyatt is well qualified to help us understand the intersection between autism spectrum conditions and our current educational system.

Life With Aspergers

Gavin Bollard learned about Aspergers when his eldest son was diagnosed with the condition at age 6.  As he researched the diagnosis, Gavin found out that the description applied to him as much as it did to his son.  A meeting with a psychologist confirmed his suspicions that he himself had Aspergers.

Gavin started his blog so that he could continue to learn more about the autism spectrum.  He has a refreshing focus on the positive aspects of Aspergers while acknowledging some of the challenges of living with Aspergers.

You’ll enjoy his Series Articles Page, where he’s written on diverse topics such as Bullying and Bullies; Carrying On Conversations; Aspie Relationships; Aspie Employment; Parenting; and About Me (his story of his early childhood to present).

Gavin has a gift for writing powerfully and pragmatically.  Reading his blog will definitely improve your life.

Asperger’s Diary

Lynne Soraya is the pen name for a woman with Aspergers.  I’m grateful to Lynn for introducing me to her viewpoints on living life through the lens of the autism spectrum.  She is a gifted writer.

She explains the purpose of her blog:

The aim of my writing is to use stories, mine and others’, to build awareness and help others like me. It is my hope that the stories, information, and resources I share will help the world at large to learn that while life on the spectrum can be a difficult at times, it can be a rich and valuable life.

Lynn writes with keen insight and intelligent opinions on a range of topics.   I remember reading her article, The Pain of Isolation: Aspergers and Suicide, and being riveted to her story from her own life (not of suicide, but of painful isolation).  It was just one more building block in my overall understanding of some of the social challenges that Aspergers can bring.  On the other hand, she talks about the value of realistic optimism in her post, Living a Life of “Yes”: Is Disability Just About Deficits?  Her articles will greatly improve your life.

Look Me In The Eye

John Elder Robison, author of the books Look Me In The Eye: My Life With Aspegers, and Be Different: Adventures of a Free-Range Aspergian with Practical Advice For Aspergians, Misfits, Families,  and Teachers, writes in a humorous, honest, and unique way.  I think I finished his book, Look Me in the Eye in almost one sitting because I could not put it down!

John is a tireless advocate for autism spectrum research and representation.  When he’s not running his high end vehicle restoration shop, he can be heard speaking around the country.

If you’d like to learn a little bit more about John, check out this CBS interview, also posted on John’s blog.

Spectrum Mentor

Brian King, LCSW, is a licensed clinical social worker, personal mentor and coach, and father.  He is diagnosed with Asperger’s, and has three boys with Aspergers.

I appreciate his realistic and positive view of himself, others, and the world.  One of my favorite articles I’ve read on the subject of Aspergers and autism is the one he wrote called Why The Universe Created Aspergers.

Brian has written a book, I’m An Aspie; A Poetic Memoir for Living the Human Experience Through the Eyes of Asperger’s .

If you want to improve your life on the autism spectrum, stop by his site, sign up to become a free member of his community.  And if you are needing expert help, check out his programs and services.


These are just a few of my favorite Aspergers autism blogs.

I know I’ve only covered five, but that’s all I had time for today!

Would you please submit some of your suggestions if you know some high quality autism spectrum blogs that have improved your life?

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  • Aspergers

    A person with Aspergers syndrome, doesn’t have a normal social life. And you are providing a great niche to all of those people who are suffering with Aspergers. It is fantastic. All above blogs, you mentioned in your post, are fabulous but i like the most Asperger’s Diary. Really quite amazing info.

  • Stephen Borgman

    Indeed, Lynn Soraya’s blog is one of my favorite as well. She’s really educated me on what living on the spectrum is like.

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