TWAP073: Everything You Need To Know About Dealing With Anger

Aspergians and Autistics Talk About Their Experience With Anger

dealing with anger

Dealing with anger. It’s not something I used to do very well.

I most often denied I was even angry.

Then when my anger came out: watch out! Unfortunately, those around me would pay the price for my verbal rants and rage.

In today’s episode, I share accounts of Aspergians and Autistics who experience anger in their lives.

I learned a lot from this young Aspergian lady in this video – I hope you will too.

Dealing With Anger: You’ll Learn

  • The Heavy Costs of Anger

All of us experience anger at one time or another.

But we need to know five specific signals that will show us when our anger is staring to cause problems for us.

  1. When our anger is too frequent.
  2. When our anger is too intense.
  3. When our anger lasts too long.
  4. When our anger leads to aggression
  5. When our angry destroys our work and/or our personal relationships.


  • The Stories and Accounts of Autistics and Aspergians and Their Anger, drawn from sites like Wrong Planet, Quora, and Reddit.


  • The Triggers or Causes of Anger for Those Autistics and Aspergians

Co-occurring mental health conditions – depression, PTSD, anxiety
Feeling stigmitized
Difficulty letting go of certain thoughts
Sensory Overload
Sleep Deprivation
Difficulty communicating
Being misunderstood or mislabeled by non autistics or non Aspies

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