11 Aspergers Autism Sites That Will Make You Jump for Joy

I don’t know if you’ve had the experience of winding your way through the rabbit trails on the internet, trying to find reliable information about Aspergers and the autism spectrum. In the time since I’ve started this blog, I’ve had the frustration that a gold miner often finds as he sifts through pan after pan of sand.


But then, every once in a while, this gold miner has come across those precious finds of excellence. So, I thought I would share some of my gold with you!

Wikipedia:General Knowledge About the Autism Spectrum

When I first started trying to find out more about the autism spectrum, I found that Wikipedia was a very helpful resource. Yes, it’s not an official encyclopedia, but it’s well organized and researched.

The table of contents include: Classification; Characteristics; Causes; Mechanism, Screening; Diagnosis; Management of Autism Spectrum (Therapies and Medications); Prognosis; Epidemiology (he study of patterns of health and illness and associated factors at the population level.); History; Cultural Aspects; External Links; and References.

Information and Solutions

Autism Help: Help With Autism and Aspergers Syndrome.

I don’t know if I’ve ever seen such a treasure house of information on the subject of autism and Aspergers. The author of this site has worked extremely hard to bring you tons of free and comprehensive information. In addition, he’s provided a lot of his own research on the most helpful websites across the net.

OASIS @ MAAP web site.

According to the founder, Barb Kirby,

“This new web site combines two highly respected entities – OASIS (Online Asperger Syndrome Information and Support) which I created in 1993 and THE SOURCE, the online resource for Susan Moreno’s nonprofit organization, MAAP Services. Susan and I are very proud of the result. I am certain that The OASIS @ MAAP will continue to provide the highest quality of information, resources, and support to the Asperger Syndrome/High Functioning Autism/PDD-nos community.”

This site has a letter of endorsement fromDr. Tony Attwood, a psychologist, expert, and advocate in the field of autism spectrum conditions.


Jason Wallin has put together a site for teachers called Polyxo.Com: Teaching Children With Autism. This site is a treasure trove containing printable documents for use in home or school based programs, including data sheets, teaching materials, and other resources. Mr. Wallin’s site also has a discussion list for parents and teachers.

Life on the Autism Spectrum, through the Eyes of Individuals on the Autism Spectrum

The following bloggers are referenced in an article I wrote for Psychology Today, titled Have You Met My Seven Aspergers Teachers

John Elder Robison

John is quite a unique and accomplished individual. From a high school dropout, to designing the unique electric guitars and light shows for the rock band, KISS, to starting up his own high end car restoration business, to now becoming a best-selling author, with his books, Look Me In The Eye.

John authors a blog here at Psychology Today, titled My Life With Aspergers: How To Live A High Functioning Life With Asperger’s. I’m looking forward to reading his newest book: Be Different, Adventures of a Free-Range Aspergian.

Lynn Soraya

If it were not for Lynn, I would not have the privilege of writing this blog! I met Lynn on Twitter. We exchanged some comments about the subject of Asperger’s, and before long we were talking about writing. Thank you, Lynn, for your generosity in introducing me to Psychology Today blogging 🙂

Lynn’s Psychology Today blog, Asperger’s Diary, records life through the lense of Asperger’s Syndrome. I’ve learned so much about communication, depression and Asperger’s, and the unique gifts and talents of those gifted with autism spectrum conditions.

Careers and the Autism Spectrum

Rudy Simone

I had just started writing my blog, Prospering With Aspergers, when I ran across Rudy Simone’s site. Rudy is a talented jazz musician/singer, stand-up comedian, and author. You can imagine how humbled I was when she actually responded to an e-mail I sent her. She’s so down to earth. Thank, you, Rudy, for teaching me so much about the gender differences between boys/girls, men/women on the autism spectrum; about Asperger’s and employment.

Rudy Simone’s site is http://www.help4aspergers.com/.

Rudy has also written three excellent books on topics of relationships and career:

Asperger’s on the Job: Must-have Advice for People with Asperger’s or High Functioning Autism, and their Employers, Educators, and Advocates

Aspergirls: Empowering Females With Asperger Syndrome

22 Things a Woman Must Know: If She Loves a Man With Asperger’s Syndrome

Penelope Trunk

Penelope is one of my “funnest finds” on the blogosphere. She’s brilliant, gut-wrenchingly honest, and beautifully describes the in’s and out’s of living with Asperger’s.

Here’s a bit about her from her blog, Penelope Trunk’s Brazen Careerist :

Penelope is the founder of 3 startups– most recently, Brazen Careerist, a career-mangement tool for next-generation professionals. Her career advice appears in more than 200 papers. In a review of (Penelope’s) blog, Business Week called her writing “poetic.”]

Mentoring Help

Connie Hammer at Parent Coaching For Autism

provides a wealth of information, as well as a coaching program for parents of children on the autism spectrum. In her own words,

Allow me, Connie Hammer, with over 20 years experience as social worker, counselor and parent educator to support you through this difficult time. This is where you can unload your worst fears, worries and concerns. This is where you can share your story, get extra support and recover your confidence. This is where I will teach you tools to fine-tune your parenting and make your child blossom by uncovering abilities that will change possibilities.

Brian King, at Spectrum Mentor

I’m proud to say that I’m an affiliate for Brian and his services.

I can personally vouch for Brian R. King, an adult with Aspergers, with three children on the spectrum, and a coach and therapist with over 40 years of experience. He “gets it!”

ASRA Relationship Academy Mentoring Program
Brian’s services as part of the relationship academy mentoring program include one on one mentoring, coaching for dating and relationships, and the parenting with purpose program.

Books By Brian R. King, LCSW:

What To Do When You’re Totally Screwed; I’m An Aspie; and Thank You Sammie

Alex Plank: Connecting and Dating Forums

This paragraph is also taken from my article at Psychology Today:

Alex Plank is the founder of WrongPlanet , the “online resource and community for Autism and Asperger’s. I have really appreciated watching him on YouTube and reading his viewpoints about various aspects of Asperger’s and Autism. He has educated me on the challenges of socializing, transitioning from high school to college, dating. And he’s also created a great bridge of communication between NT’s and Aspies in the way her writes, speaks, and educates.

Wrong Planet is designed for general relationship and support.

For a site specifically designed to promote Aspie dating, Alex Plank created Aspie Affection.

I hope you enjoy these sites as much as I have. Do you have any other sites that you have particularly enjoyed? Please comment below!

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Aspergirls: Empowering Females With Asperger Syndrome
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