TWAP080: Autism and the Workplace

Part 1 of an Interview with Thrivers Member Holly Anonymous

autism and the workplace

What’s autism and the workplace all about?

In this episode, I speak with Holly Anonymous, a Thrive with Aspergers/Autism community member about her background and her autism advocacy in corporate America.

You’ll Find Out

  • How Holly found out about Aspergers
  • How she discovered she has Aspergers
  • Holly’s experience with selective mutism growing up
  • How the school system failed Holly growing up
  • How society’s failures have inspired Holly to increase awareness of autism in the workplace
  • “I want to help adults understand this condition [autism], and to help other people, so that others don’t have to go what I went through.”

Holly’s Insights From Her Workplace Presentation

  • Myths and Stereotypes About Autism – Not everyone is Rain Man, Not All Aspies Are Male, and More
  • The stress of “fitting in” with facial expressions in the workplace
  • How Holly uses humor strategically to “disarm” non-autistics
  • Holly’s definition of autism – “a neurological condition that affects the way a person experiences the world: the way that they think, the way that they interpret information, the way they take in that information, and the way they project information.”
  • Possible Autism Characteristics in the Workplace (combinations and intensity of traits vary per individual)

Photo by LinkedIn Sales Navigator on Unsplash

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