The Untold Friendship Code Revealed

Social Skills For Aspergers “It takes a long time to grow an old friend.” – by John Leonard Friendship requires a certain degree of social skills for people with Aspergers. I have a dilemma. I’m an NT (neurotypical), not an Aspie. I imagine that if I were an NT born onto a planet populated by […]

Teaching Children With Asperger’s About Personal Space: Here’s How

Children on the autism spectrum aren’t the only kids who can benefit from learning about the concept of personal space.  Children with ADD and ADHD also struggle with understanding the importance of physical boundaries when relating to other children. I’m sharing this article that I wrote as an E-Zine article a while back.  Based on […]

Here Are Four Communication HOW TO’s for the Autism Spectrum

Communication can seem like a fairly ambiguous process- and it is precisely this type of ambiguity that makes it hard for individuals with Aspergers to communicate effectively. I recently started reading a groundbreaking work by Michelle Garcia Winner, called Thinking About You, Thinking About Me. She came up with an effective framework that is helpful […]

Conversation: The Building Block for Friendship

Would you like to learn some of the specifics of ongoing conversation? I have read several comments in blogs and forums from children, teens, and adults with Asperger’s syndrome. “What’s the point of trying to have friends? It’s too hard. Conversation does not make sense! Why even try?” Unfortunately, without a road map and language […]

conversation building blocks