How to Teach Children With Aspergers to Start a Conversation

teaching chidlren with autismteaching chidlren with autism

TranslatorStarting a conversation, for a child with mild autism or Aspergers, can be a real challenge. Children with Aspergers will either butt in and start talking about their favorite interests, or they may give up, and keep to themselves, alone and preoccupied with their ‘own world.’ These children may desperately wish to fit in, but [...]

How to Co-Parent Your Asperger’s Child


TranslatorParenting itself is a challenge. Parenting a child with special gifts and special needs brings a whole other set of challenges that can take a toll on a marriage. I’m writing this article for you! So often, there is so much focus on the child on the Asperger’s Autism spectrum that there is little left [...]