Little Known Ways to Understand The Autism Spectrum

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TranslatorWhat if I told you that the Aspergers and the autism spectrum is a laughing matter?   In this article, I’m going to share with you Ms. Garcia Winner’s I LAUGH model as a way as understanding the core social challenges that individuals on the spectrum face. I’ve written in detail about the positive aspects [...]

Aspergers: How It Works

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TranslatorHow does it all work?  I mean, Asperger’s and the other autism spectrum disorders? An even more basic question we might want to consider is, “How does the brain work?”  For it’s in the brain that our mode of existing and being in the world resides. In my research on the mechanisms of Aspergers, I [...]

What Causes Autism?

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TranslatorJust asking the question, “What causes autism spectrum conditions?” can raise a lot of diverse opinions.  There are those within the autism community who are offended that there are those who want to find a cause so that a cure can be administered.  These individuals feel that they are being viewed as diseased or sub-human. [...]