Get Rid of Aspergers School Homework Problems Once and For All

aspergers schoool

TranslatorI apologize. This article won’t get rid of Aspergers homework problems once and for all. However, if you apply the parenting homework strategies I’ve outlined in this post, there’s a great chance that your child’s homework problems will become less frequent over time. Sure, you can love your child when he or she has just [...]

Autism Facts For Teaching Children With Autism Aspergers

Teaching Children With AutismTeaching Children With Autism

TranslatorI am grateful to Susan Stokes, an autism consultant, who wrote this article under a contract with CESA 7 and funded by a discretionary grant from the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction. These are some introductory autism facts to keep in mind when teaching individuals with autism and Aspergers. Introduction Asperger’s Syndrome was named for [...]

Here are Some Positive Traits of the Autism Spectrum

"Positive Aspects of the Autism Spectrum"Positive Traits of the Autism Aspergers Spectrum

Translator Positive psychology is a breath of fresh air in the field of psychology. For too long, psychology followed a medical model, in which you are diagnosed with a condition, given a diagnosis, and then told about all the things that are wrong with you. Unfortunately, this thinking can spill over into the world of [...]