How To Decrease Social Awkwardness In One Evening

social awkwardnesssocial awkwardness

TranslatorWell… will take only one evening to read this article. But I won’t kid you: it will take more than one evening to accept, practice, and internalize these social enhancement strategies. Social Awkwardness Example: My Daughter and I True confession. I’m not very ‘cool’, in my 10 year old daughter’s opinion. I found out my [...]

Can Teenagers With Aspergers Have Great Social Lives?

aspergers in teenagers

TranslatorDo You Ever Have These Thoughts About Social Life? (These thoughts come from Michelle Garcia Winner’s and Pam Crooke’s book, Socially Curious and Curiously Social: A Social Thinking Guidebook for Bright Teens and Young Adults. “Everyone else seems to know what to say and do when they’re around each other—how do they figure that out?” “It [...]