Conversation: The Building Block for Friendship

Conversation and Friendship for Individuals on the Autism Spectrum

TranslatorWould you like to learn some of the specifics of ongoing coversation? I have read several comments in blogs and forums from children, teens, and adults with Asperger’s syndrome. “What’s the point of trying to have friends? It’s too hard. Conversation does not make sense! Why even try?” Unfortunately, without a road map and language [...]

Who Else Wants Friendship and Dating Tips for Aspergers Young People?

Aspergers RelationshipsAspergers Relationships

TranslatorWhile reading about some of the social challenges that young people with Aspergers face, I came across a letter written by a young man in a private high school.  He wrote a letter to the editor of a newspaper.  He realized that he was different from his peers, and he was embarrassed that he had [...]