Give Me 10 Minutes, And I’ll Give You Some Controversy

aspergers autismaspergers autism

TranslatorIt all started a couple months ago after I’d submitted another article on the subject of aspergers and autism.  I cannot even recall which post it was, but the question has stayed with me for a couple of months.  I’ll paraphrase the question as follows: “I have a relative whose son is diagnosed with Autism.  [...]

Top Ten Autism Spectrum Books: My Wish List

autism books

TranslatorIt’s the holiday season, and I’ve been reflecting on what types of books I might want to include on my autism books reading list.  I’ll share my list with you and wait to hear what you may want to add. Look Me in the Eye: My Life with Asperger’s Okay, I confess that I’ve already [...]

Here are Some Positive Traits of the Autism Spectrum

"Positive Aspects of the Autism Spectrum"Positive Traits of the Autism Aspergers Spectrum

Translator Positive psychology is a breath of fresh air in the field of psychology. For too long, psychology followed a medical model, in which you are diagnosed with a condition, given a diagnosis, and then told about all the things that are wrong with you. Unfortunately, this thinking can spill over into the world of [...]