Teaching Children With Asperger’s About Personal Space: Here’s How

TranslatorChildren on the autism spectrum aren’t the only kids who can benefit from learning about the concept of personal space.  Children with ADD and ADHD also struggle with understanding the importance of physical boundaries when relating to other children. I’m sharing this article that I wrote as an E-Zine article a while back.  Based on [...]

Now You Can Improve Your Communication on the Autism Spectrum

autism facts autism communication

TranslatorHere Is Another Communication Tip For the Autism Spectrum One of the autism spectrum facts that greatly impacts an individual’s ability to communicate effectively and build relationships is called theory of mind. According to Wikipedia, theory of mind is the ability to attribute mental states—beliefs, intents, desires, pretending, knowledge, etc.—to oneself and others and to [...]

Famous People With Aspergers: Pokemon?!

famous people with autismfamous people with autism

TranslatorI never thought I would learn so much about Pokemon as I have in the last few years.  Family members, clients, and other kids I know are increasingly talking to me about Pokemon Diamond, Pokemon Pearl, and a host of other characters I had never even heard of or even considered in my whole life. [...]

Have A Child You Can Be Proud Of (On the Autism Spectrum)

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TranslatorThere’s no question that every child is a child we are proud of just as s/he is.  Every single person on planet earth is worthy of intense parental pride.  But there are also breakthrough moments every child goes through that makes their teacher, parent, caregiver beam with pride. One very capable, generous, and innovative caregiver [...]