10 Things Your Child With Autism Wants You To Know

10 Things Your Child With Autism Wants You To Know I am constantly roaming around the internet in search of excellent articles regarding Aspergers Syndrome and the autism spectrum conditions. Recently I found this article, posted on a Facebook page called Responding to Autism. I am posting this article, 10 Things Your Child Wants You […]

Little Known Ways to Understand (Explosive) Children

“Why do children with autism have such explosive meltdowns? Parenting children with Aspergers and autism is not a job for the faint of heart.  Of course, you never knew you were signing up for this, did you? As a parent, have you ever been talking to another adult/parent of a typical child?  Suddenly your child […]

Children With Aspergers: What to Look For

I’m writing this article to help you better understand what aspergers syndrome is, and to answer questions you may have about your child.  “Does my child have Aspergers?  What is Aspergers? ” Every child with Asperger’s Syndrome is unique.  In fact, the severity of symptoms varies so much that Aspergers has been called a spectrum.  […]