What Everybody Ought To Know About Relating on the Autism Spectrum

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TranslatorI remember watching a show called Northern Exposure.  One of the characters in the TV show was a “Bubble Man” who could not live outside his bubble because his immune system could not handle regular germs. I wonder how many individuals on the autism spectrum sometimes feel this way: allergic to the confusion that comes [...]

Autism Aspergers: What Do You See In The Crystal Ball?

autism aspergers prognosisautism aspergers prognosis

TranslatorHere are some questions many parents have when they find out their child is diagnosed as being on the autism spectrum is, “Will he get married?”  “Will she live on her own?”  “Will s/he be able to get a job?” Is there a crystal ball you can peer into to predict how life will be [...]

Teaching Children With Asperger’s About Personal Space: Here’s How

TranslatorChildren on the autism spectrum aren’t the only kids who can benefit from learning about the concept of personal space.  Children with ADD and ADHD also struggle with understanding the importance of physical boundaries when relating to other children. I’m sharing this article that I wrote as an E-Zine article a while back.  Based on [...]

Famous People With Aspergers: American Idol?!

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TranslatorI’d like to introduce your to a soon-to-be famous person with Aspergers. It’s one thing to read about famous people in history who “maybe” or “possibly” were on the autism spectrum.. However, it’s quite another thing to actually meet live people who are breaking into different cultural arenas.

Who Else Wants to Increase Their People Smarts?

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TranslatorI’m grateful for the questions that my friends and readers raise.  Here is a question common to many individuals  on the autism spectrum: Hi everybody! Has anyone have some good tips or articles on how to read body language? My friend gave me a homework that I need to learn even a bit of that, [...]