Can Teenagers With Aspergers Have Great Social Lives?

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TranslatorDo You Ever Have These Thoughts About Social Life? (These thoughts come from Michelle Garcia Winner’s and Pam Crooke’s book, Socially Curious and Curiously Social: A Social Thinking Guidebook for Bright Teens and Young Adults. “Everyone else seems to know what to say and do when they’re around each other—how do they figure that out?” “It [...]

Would You Like To Learn Success Secrets From America’s Top Model?

TranslatorShe was diagnosed with Aspeger’s at age 15.  She had troubles making friends in high school.  She had dreams, but was nervous about pursuing them. She was beautiful, and she had a passion for modeling. So, when an opportunity to apply for a spot on America’s Next Top Model came up: she was reluctant.  But [...]

Bamboo and the Autism Spectrum?

TranslatorYou may have noticed that my blog has taken on a new look.  In searching for a header, I came across a symbol of the greatness that exists in every individual on the autism spectrum.  It’s the Bamboo Tree! I know of a little boy on the autism spectrum.  A few years ago, he chose [...]

11 Aspergers Autism Sites That Will Make You Jump for Joy

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TranslatorI don’t know if you’ve had the experience of winding your way through the rabbit trails on the internet, trying to find reliable information about Aspergers and the autism spectrum.  In the time since I’ve started this blog, I’ve had the frustration that a gold miner often finds as he sifts through pan after pan [...]

Who Else Wants to Increase Their People Smarts?

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TranslatorI’m grateful for the questions that my friends and readers raise.  Here is a question common to many individuals  on the autism spectrum: Hi everybody! Has anyone have some good tips or articles on how to read body language? My friend gave me a homework that I need to learn even a bit of that, [...]