SHAPE Acronym For Staying Safe

From Dr. Liane Holliday Willey


An acronym will help you quickly process how to stay safe.  

Dr. Holliday-Willey shares the following:

S- Self Aware

Ask the questions, “Who am I, what do I need, what makes me comfortable?”

H – Help 

Think ahead of time where can you go for help or support (police, concierge at a hotel, your friend)

A- Alert 

Look for signs that something is out of whack: like extra police cars, sirens, are people rushing away from a situation, or are they going to it

P – Plan ahead

Do something every day that reminds yourself not of your limitations, but of your needs

e.g. Liane knows that she trips a lot, so everyday, so she takes time to exercise her ankles and knees and hips to prevent falling

E – Evaluate

After a scary situation happens, evaluate what happened, so that you can start the whole SHAPE cycle over again

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