Do You Recognize These Positive Aspergers Characteristics?

positive aspergers characteristics

It takes many different strands of vibrant color woven together to make a beautiful tapestry.

The world needs a diversity of people.

The world needs the positive characteristics aspergers brings to us.   Some members of Aspie Facebook Groups and from the forums of Wrong Planet shared what they most appreciate about the autism spectrum.


my Aspie son just said that the best thing for him is that he can focus on a task and nothing distracts him from that till its complete,so he can get all his school work done lol

Good afternoon Stephen, Asperger Syndrome is a gift for me, I have huge memories like the capitals of each country, order of appearance of each song in the Eurovision Song Contest, the flags of the world and other subjects that I can remember.


my Aspie son just said that the best thing for him is that he can focus on a task and nothing distracts him from that till its complete,so he can get all his school work done lol

Not every person on the autism spectrum has specialized interests.  However, it seems to be more of the norm.


Many members appreciated their thirst for knowledge and facts.  Now Aspies and all individuals on the autism spectrum, just like NT’s, have varying degrees of intelligence.  However, the ability to think is something Aspies commonly reported.

Creativity and Problem Solving Abilities

Dr. Temple Grandin used her unique ways of thinking about the world to design innovative stalls that improved the standards of care for slaughter animals.

Travis Meeks has channeled his creative talents into music.

One Asperger group member on Facebook shared,

I truly believe that there is not a problem I might encounter for which I could not find a solution. I even solved Einstein’s Riddle  just last week.

Sense of Humor

One member shared regarding her son:

He has a terrific sense of humor, even when he doesn’t realize he is being funny

Sensory Sensitivities

Another Facebook Aspergers group member shared:

I am also mostly glad for my extra sensitive senses because what smells, tastes, feels, looks or sounds good to you probably is even better for me.

Put Your Strengths to Work

I’ve only scratched the surface of the myriad of strengths found in the autism spectrum.  Mark Hutten, author of the blog, My Aspergers Child, talks about 40 blessings of Aspergers.

a) Pinpoint Your Own Personal Strengths

I encourage you to buy the book, Strengths Finder 2.0.  Once you buy the book, you can use the code that comes with the book to access a Strengths Assessment and website to help you identify your top five strengths.

b) Here’s a helpful informal test from Oprah.Com to help you test your career strengths.

 c) You may want to another article I wrote in which you can identify your passions and strengths in a 7 step process.

It’s important to neither undervalue or overvalue your strengths.  Yet it’s equally vital that we not forget our strengths and positive characteristics, particularly when we’re discouraged or facing hard times.  Write out your strengths and review them periodically.  Those strengths can be part of your tool kit for better coping with life.

What are some positive characteristics of Aspergers you are grateful for?
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