Have You Discovered These Positive Characteristics of Children With Aspergers?

Positive psychology is a breath of fresh air in the field of psychology. For too long, psychology followed a medical model, in which you are diagnosed with a condition, given a diagnosis, and then told about all the things that are wrong with you. Unfortunately, this thinking can spill over into the world of parents and children with Asperger’s syndrome, so that they unconsciously start to absorb some negative thoughts about themselves.

Like everyone on the face of the earth, we are people, with a mix of strengths and weaknesses. Children with Asperger’s are different, but they are not defective. In fact, Dr. Temple Grandin, an animal scientist, herself diagnosed with autism, argues that the world needs all different kinds of minds, including the Autism/Asperger’s minds.

children with aspergers positive characteristics

Trustworthy and Reliable

Children with Asperger’s syndrome don’t have hidden agendas. Unlike many people, these children will tell it like it is. What you see is what you get, and what you hear is what they mean.

Children with Asperger’s do want friends. Don’t get me wrong. However, their need for friends may not be as frequent or intense as other children. They are wired to be more comfortable by themselves. Because of not feeling the need for social contact as strongly as other kids, they can be taught to select honest, genuine, and dependable persons like themselves, who share their interests.

Unique Perspectives

Although individuals with Asperger’s struggle with seeing the big picture, they are gifted with the ability to focus intently on details of things and situations. Because of this, they may able to come up with innovative solutions to problems. Because children with Asperger’s have the ability to focus long and hard on their areas of interest, they can make great academic and scientific strides in their areas of interest.

Little or No Prejudice

Perhaps because they know what it is like to be different or quirky, children and individuals with Asperger’s tend to be more accepting of others. They are more focused on people’s behavior, versus on hierarchies or social position. They can teach the rest of the world a lot of accepting people for who they are, rather than pre-judging others.

High Integrity

The idea of trying to cheat on the job, or to slack in their work, does not occur to children and adults with Asperger’s syndrome. They are conscientious, diligent workers. They may need initial instruction, support, and coaching, but once they are situated, they can be enormously productive and loyal employees. John Robison, author of Look Me In The Eye, is a man of high intelligence, ingenuity, and business savvy. He designed the guitars that smoked and lit up for KISS, and he owns his own high end restoration automotive business! Not to mention the fact that he is a tireless advocate for Asperger’s.

Intelligence and Perseverance

While there is not necessarily any scientific evidence, Dr. Temple Grandin, diagnosed with high functioning Autism, believes there are quite a few individuals with Aspeger’s in the Silicon Valley and in NASA. Children with Asperger’s, while not all geniuses, do have very active and curious minds. And once they find their interests, they are tenacious in pursuing them. This is a very strong combination that they benefit from.

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photo credit: Sukanto Debnath

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  1. [email protected] says

    Hey Stephen,
    I may have Aspergers after reading the characteristics. Dan Aykroyd claims that he has a mild form of Aspergers as well.

    I agree that the world needs a variety of minds to keep us balanced, if not we would all think,act and behave the same way. Boring.

  2. Stephen Borgman says

    Justin, you’d probably want an formal review from a licensed professional prior to concluding that you have Asperger’s. One of the great outcomes of the neurodiversity movement is that we are coming to see the beauty of a variety of minds, as you said :)

  3. [email protected] childrens author says

    Most articles that discuss children with particular syndromes, hightlight their differences and difficulties and so, I was delighted to read about the potential strengths that many kids with autism and aspergers have. I do hope that families and educators contine to look at each individual as he/she is, rather than at the expected norms for the children on the specturm.. Just as typical kids are different, so are, children with learning differences. let’s be advocates for all kids!!

  4. Stephen Borgman says

    Donna, thank you for your comment. You’re right: every child, no matter what their condition or situation, is a unique child with her/his own host of strengths as well as areas to work on.


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