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  • Sharon Primack

    It is good to know that there are two great Psychologists out there at UCLA who take the time out to care for teens with Aspergers, Autism. It is more difficult when teens come about with this issue, let alone in much younger children. Now parents that are facing these difficult times with there teens and young ones, don’t have to go it alone!

  • Cynthia Caron, President-Founder LostNMissing, Inc

    Excellent article. I hope all families are able to purchase the book. From a mom of an adult son with Asperger’s , and other needs, to the President and Founder of an organization that assists families of missing loved ones (including those who have cognitive brain disorders and tend to wander) I will be making my purchase! Thank you, again~

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  • Stephen Borgman

    Cynthia, thank you very much for your input. I’m so appreciative of the work you and your organization do on behalf of the autism spectrum community.

  • Stephen Borgman

    Thank you, Sharon.

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