7 Motivation Strategies to Use for College

This post was written by Elizabeth Cutten. She helps run FindCollegeCards, a student credit card blog giving students all the tips they need!

This post contains some helpful tips for high school graduates making the transition to college.

Once we graduate high school, and begin college our whole lifestyle has changed. We are now considered an adult, can make adult choices and have a lot more responsibility. Not only do we have more work to do because of college but we also have to pay for each class, book, and all the fees that come along with it.

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Since college is such a costly thing, it is important to take your time, do all your assigned work, and to give it all you’ve got. We don’t want to have to take the class more than once, let alone pay for it more than once.

It can be hard to have that motivation all semester round, but it is important to have. It will keep you motivated, your grades up and help you graduate sooner. Although, we all come to that point where we just want to be done, it’s important to set those feelings aside. If you’re currently at the point, consider a few of these tips to help motivate you once again.

7 Ways to Keep Motivated:

Graduate sooner: First of all, as a college student we want to graduate as soon as possible. We want to take the classes we need, and be done with it. So, the better you do the first time around, the sooner you’ll be done!

Spend less: College students don’t have much money. Instead, we are taking out loans and working a part-time job just to get by. So, don’t slack and end up having to take the same class more than once.

Move on: If you’re ready to get out there and start the job you’ve been working so hard for, then continue to work hard! The more classes you take and the better you do, the faster you will be able to move on with your life. The best motivation to have is to think about the future and how you can get there.

Earn money: If you’re tired of making minimum wage at your part-time job and going to school full-time, I don’t blame you! It isn’t easy. In fact, it’s one of the hardest times we’ll ever come across. Once you graduate you will be making much better money, so it is important to realize that the money you’ll earn in the future can be a huge motivator for right now!

Goals: In life you need to have goals. Goals are what get you to succeed and make you feel great about doing so. They also push you to the limit and get you where you want to be faster. So, set your goals high and try to achieve them in every way possible. Whether you want all A’s for this semester or you just want to pass Algebra with a C, every goal is important to have.

Pride: A lot of us think of school as a boring and negative thing. It’s something we’re not all that excited about and usually dread. Although, if you have a positive attitude and take pride in your work by giving it all you’ve got, it will come much easier and be more of a motivator than a negative thing. When we do well in school, we feel good about ourselves, our family is proud and we feel accomplished!

Opportunities: You will have so many more job opportunities in life as well. Now, compare that to someone who only has a high school diploma. You will be making more money, have better hours, a better job and far more opportunities!

Motivating yourself as a college student is important. It’s easy to fall behind, let your grades slip and want to give up, although it’s important to think of your future and how far college can take you!

P.S. A note from Stephen Borgman, site author:

Here are some other resources which may be helpful specifically for teenagers with Aspergers who are heading off to college:


2. I wrote another article targeting teenagers with Aspergers when I wrote How to Make a Successful Transition to College at my Psychology Today blog, Spectrum Solutions.

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