Pokemon Go: Should You Let Your Kids Play?

How To Teach Your Kids To Safely Play Pokemon Go

Since the launch of Pokemon Go in early July, the interactive app has been downloaded more than 30 million times. It has amassed an estimated $35 million, and 21 million active daily users are addicted. This Pokémon craze has even accumulated more daily active users than Twitter.

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If you’re a parent and asking yourself, “What is Pokémon Go?" you need to do some browsing. The newest interactive app is played using a smartphone and lets users hunt Pokémon characters nearly anywhere in the world. However, not all characters are in safe places for kids.

Pokémon Go is getting kids outside again, making parents happy. It has even been transformed into a family experience. Allowing you to spend quality time you’re your kids in a fun and exciting way.

Put Up Pokemon Go Boundaries for Your Kids

Kids spending more time outside and away from your watchful eye and video game consoles may heighten safety concerns. Pokémon Go can be used as a parenting tool for teaching safety, and limitations. You can use this as an opportunity to teach your children to safely play the revolutionary app.

One way to keep kids from wandering too far while hunting down their favorite Pokémon characters is to build boundaries. Emphasizing real life boundaries for your kids’ virtual play is a wonderful way to rope them within a safe distance of home. You certainly don’t want your kids wandering too far.

Teach Kids to Stay Aware During Pokémon Adventures

Pokémon Go puts users in a virtual gaming world while using reality. It is the special ingredient to the empty sofa you may now have in your home. Kids are actually spending more time away from their video games, which is excellent.

Unfortunately, this interactive reality vs. virtual gaming app might pull kids toward dangers. They may completely lose contact with Earth while hunting for Pokémon characters.

Recent reports have detailed Pokémon Go users running into parked cars and buildings. Even injuries from falling into ditches have been noted as unintended side effects of the game.

Your kids need a little safety reminder, and having them take Pokémon breaks is a fantastic strategy. You can have them call and report their progress every so often, bringing them back to Earth. These moments may help them spot possible dangers.

Connect with Your Kids by Making Pokémon Go a Family Affair

pokemon go parentsLeading by example is in many ways the golden rule of parenting. If you haven’t tried Pokémon Go yet, it could be an experience worth having. Understanding the app your kids are addicted to will help you share those parenting words of wisdom.

Making a Saturday afternoon Pokémon Go hunt part of your family tradition could prove invaluable. This will let you spot dangers your kids may come across while playing solo. You can put these finding into your safety plan.

Who knows, you may even find yourself hunting down Pokémon characters in your free time too. A survey conducted by Slice Intelligence found that 52 percent of users are in fact between the ages of 18 and 34.

Keep these safety tips in mind for your child’s next Pokémon Go adventure:

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  • Set up Pokémon hunting grounds in reality, allowing your kids to safe while in their virtual world.
  • Emphasize the importance of steering clear of strangers. Even if you already had a “stranger danger" talk, why not do it again?
  • Let your kids know it’s all right to say “No" to nefarious characters.
  • Put a buddy system in place.
  • Make it a family game and have a meaningful connection with your kids again.

Teaching kids to safely play Pokémon Go can be as fun as playing the game itself. Utilizing it as a parenting tool will help your family revisit core safety lessons. It’s a fantastic way to connect with your kids while they are unplugged from their gaming consoles.


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