5 Unique Mobile Apps For Your Autistic Child

Having a child on the autism spectrum poses a number of unique challenges for parents, whether their case is severe or relatively mild. Children with autism have rich internal lives and a diverse range of interests, which means that holding their attention or keeping them sufficiently engaged in a certain task can need specific approaches and resources. Fortunately, mobile technology has provided a wealth of applications that can be excellent for stimulating and interesting your autistic child. Some mobile apps are even designed specifically for use by autistic students, providing valuable tools for parents, teachers and other supervisors.

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Below are 5 of the best apps for your autistic child. Browse the list, and see which of these is a good fit for your little one:

1. A Present for Milo

A Present for Milo is a $6 app available for the iPad, which narrates a story about a cat trying to catch a mouse. This app is just one example of a computer assisted reading app that teaches words and phrases by having a voice read them out loud when they appear on the device’s screen. Computer assisted reading has been demonstrated to have a positive effect on autistic children, outperforming conventional books when it comes to keeping their focus. Furthermore, autistic children are more likely to learn and retain new words when accessing them via a computer.

2. Conversation Coach

Conversation Coach has a price tag of $49.99, but it has been shown to help autistic children prepare for social situations. Studies show that virtual environments can be extremely valuable when teaching autistic individuals, and this app uses such an environment to facilitate conversation between two players.

3. iPrompts

iPrompts helps students with autism develop functional skills by helping them make visual schedules. Community based trials suggest that personal digital assistants have the capacity to help older children with autism manage tasks effectively, making them particularly useful for high school age users. In addition, 10% of each $39.99 purchase goes towards Autism Speaks, a resource for understanding and supporting autistic individuals.

4. Routinely

If $39.99 is a little steep for you, Routinely is another good option for a visual scheduling app. It performs several of the most important functions of iPrompts, and comes with a much smaller price tag: just $4.99. It is available on both the iPad and the iPhone.

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5. Meet Heckerty

Meet Heckerty is an interactive reading app that also helps teach new words and common values like compassion and loyalty. The central character is a quirky but kind witch who has good intentions but sometimes makes mistakes—just like most people. The app is free, and is considered a strong example of a program that helps autistic children develop both language and social skills.


Using technology is one of the most effective ways to help your autistic child develop focus, embrace learning, and gain valuable social skills for later in life. Try out the mobile apps listed above, and see which ones prove effective for your child. With luck, you’ll find that encouraging your autistic child is easier and more fun for both of you than you think.

Thanks to Amy Williams for this guest post.

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