Discover the Best Way to Talk To Yourself (On the Autism Spectrum)

Positive Self Talk for Aspergers Autism

She was blind.  She was deaf.  She was enraged.  She was a problem child no-one wanted to deal with. Until, after a long series of teaching moments, Annie Sullivan taught Helen Keller how to communicate.  Because of Annie Sullivan, Helen Keller learned not only to communicate, but went on to become one of the wisest [...]

What Everybody Ought To Know About Children With Aspergers

autism facts children with aspergers

In order to be in the best position to help children with Asperger’s, parents/teachers/therapists must be able to understand some key issues that these children deal with. This article is a reprint of a post I wrote for Ezine Articles. You can find more of my articles here. Theory of Mind This phrase means the [...]

How to Navigate the School System

school success for children with autism Asperger

Have you ever tried to put a puzzle pieces together without having a picture of the entire assembled puzzle?  If not, I can assure you it would be a very frustrating experience. Let’s say that your child is smart, or at least of average intelligence.  But s/he struggles in school.  Every day is a tug [...]

Little Known Ways to Understand (Explosive) Children

explosive children on the autism spectrumexplosive children on the autism spectrum

“Why do children with autism have such explosive meltdowns? Parenting children with Aspergers and autism is not a job for the faint of heart.  Of course, you never knew you were signing up for this, did you? As a parent, have you ever been talking to another adult/parent of a typical child?  Suddenly your child [...]

Here Are Four Communication HOW TO’s for the Autism Spectrum

Communication can seem like a fairly ambiguous process- and it is precisely this type of ambiguity that makes it hard for individuals with Aspergers to communicate effectively. I recently started reading a groundbreaking work by Michelle Garcia Winner, called Thinking About You, Thinking About Me. She came up with an effective framework that is helpful [...]