Temple Grandin’s Teaching Tips for Children on the Autism Spectrum

teaching children with autism

Teachers, counselors, speech therapists, occupational therapists, and parents and relatives all need teaching tips for children on the autism spectrum.  I was delighted to come across an article at the Autism Research Institute written by no other than Temple Grandin!  Since she is a college professor and also is gifted with autism, I thought that [...]

Get Rid of Adult (Aspergers) Uncertainty Once and For All

adult autism aspergers diagnosis

Many individuals around the world may have grown up feeling as if they live on an alien planet.  Nothing makes sense.  Everything they feel comfortable with, other people seem to view as strange.  They may have gone through school being ridiculed, not fitting in. Then, over time, they may gather bits and peices of information [...]

Have You Seen These Autism Spectrum Statistics?

autism statistics

There are many numbers and statistics regarding autism, aspergers, and the spectrum.  Putting it all together can be a little difficult.  What does it all mean? Prevalence An average of 1 in 110 children in the United States have an autism spectrum condition. Based on information available to date, autism spectrum conditions are 4-5 more [...]

Who Else Wants to Increase Their People Smarts?

adult autism intervention

I’m grateful for the questions that my friends and readers raise.  Here is a question common to many individuals  on the autism spectrum: Hi everybody! Has anyone have some good tips or articles on how to read body language? My friend gave me a homework that I need to learn even a bit of that, [...]