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Is there an online test aspergers and autism individuals who are undiagnosed can use to point them in the direction of a possible diagnosis?

Many people wonder if Aspergers and Autism are just the newest fad in mental health.  They wonder whether therapists and doctors are just slapping this diagnosis on any kid they see who may have some social difficulties.

For this very reason, I advise you to be very cautious and conservative about over-diagnosing yourself or a loved one.  However, there is a lot of curiosity and few resources.  I found this online test at Wired.Com, and it’s based on a very well respected researcher.

Black Box Warning: An Online Test Does Not Take the Place of Getting Testing With A Seasoned Psychologist Who Specializes in Diagnosing Aspergers and Autism.

Furthermore, be sure the professional that you see specializes in diagnosis either: children or adults, depending on who is being tested.

Without further ado, I will include the link to this online test for aspergers and mild autism.

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  1. Robert The bruce says

    Oh dear… I just scored a 44 on that test (over 32 indicates asperger’s characteristics).

  2. Logic Puzzles says

    Cathy was a high functioning child with autism. Some people refer to her as a child with Aspergers Syndrome. Both terms are correct. ..

  3. Schoen185 says

    I am actually relieved to learn about aspergers, my entire life I felt “off” as if something was just different for me. As an adult my anxiety about changes in my routine has really reached a peek and after being diagnosed as depressed then ocd then later just general anxiety I actually found something on my own that makes some sense to me!

  4. Stephen Borgman says

    Schoen185, I’m glad that you were able to get some relief from a diagnosis. I hope that you are continuing to benefit from it :) Thank you for sharing your story.

  5. Courtney says

    i scored 32 on the test but have already been comfirmed by a doctor that i have aspergers so this test gave me relief to know there are other people out there with aspergers.

  6. Stephen Borgman says

    Absolutely, Courtney: there are many, many other people around the world with Aspergers. I’m so glad that you found that doctor, this test, and this blog. I hope you’ll come back often :)

  7. milddepression says

    I scored a 44 too. The questions are too general. I think that while it might be an indication it does not mean that I trully have asperger’s. I advise people who want to take the test not to take too much stock on it.

  8. Stephen Borgman says

    I agree with one point: you don’t want to take this test as definitive. It’s only one indication that you may want to further pursue testing by a competent professional.

  9. Sian says

    was reading a book where the character worries too much, and she was worrying that she had aspergers. As I was reading this, I was reading all the symptoms it said and going yep that sounds like me. I decided to look into it more, and looked for aspergers tests for teens. This one does not seem to be age related, so I took it and it said I was a 38. How can I know if I have aspergers.

  10. Stephen Borgman says

    I would recommend, since you are in the UK, to go to the Aspergers Syndrome page of the National Autistic Society. On the right hand side of the page, you’ll see a resource box called “find local services”. Hopefully that will lead you to a trained professional who can assess whether you truly have Aspergers or not.

  11. lucygala says

    Hi, was told by mental health worker 3 years ago that am more than likely on aspergers spectrum ,went to doctor and my doctor and in general the NHs dont seem all that interested, my doctor wrote to psychiatrist who had seen me previously regarding my gender disphoria and was told that he didnt notice it then ,not very conclusive, so recently after encountering huge problems at college ,which is typical for me,i went back to doctor who wrote again to psychiatrist,its causing me lot of upset as i am trying to work out why a lot of experiences i have had have been so bad in life in general, and i feel people have observed tendencies in me that seem to be symptoms of aspergers ,i have done this test twice each time scoring 31 i have done other aspergers tests and scored higher they seemed to involve more say childhood or deep questions think thats why i scored higher as i have done some pretty strange things in the past,was wondering can i go private or what can i do? I feel let down that a member of NHs brought this condition into the equation where i had hardly heard of aspergers and then other members of NHS simply say they didnt notice it in me would prefer more conclusive answer than that lucinda

  12. Stephen Borgman says

    Lucy, thank you for sharing your experience. It sounds like you had a difficult time navigating the maze of the healthcare system. Are you saying that you feel you need a more formal diagnosis in order to feel sure that you have Aspergers? If so, you may want to check this link out.

  13. Yasmin says

    I got 30. So am I almost autistic?

  14. Stephen Borgman says

    Yasmin, I think you have to ask yourself whether the diagnosis fits/describes your life experience. The online test is only a beginning to point you toward a more formalized assessment. I recommend going to [email protected] Look on the left hand side of the page where it says Local Help And Services, National Help and Services [in the United States] and International Help and Services. One of those tabs will lead you to a provider who can do a more formalized assessment.

  15. smithmom says

    I am convinced my adult son has Aspergers.  In his youth, we did not know of Aspergers – just knew he was diagnosed as “gifted” and considered his high IQ as the “reason” for his “unique” traits.  However, now I am certain.  He’s 24.  My concern is how to get him into a job that he can be himself at.  He’s in fast food…hightly demanding on the social level and no one understands him.  He wants order where there is chaos, etc..  Also, while the family may “have an idea”, I have not formally told them.  Do we tell them or keep it in our immediate family to maintain some sort of “normal”?

  16. SteveBorgman says

    @smithmom Thank you very much for the comment.  I’d like to take a little time to think about your questions before I respond.  In fact, I want to pose your questions to a couple of forums before I get back to you.  Also, I have a feeling these topics will make for a good blog post that will more thoroughly help you.  In the meantime, you may want to explore some of the articles (use the search bar at the top right hand corner) I have written about the autism spectrum and careers.  Does your adult son know that he has Aspergers?  Have you had him formally evaluated?

  17. smithmom says

    We have discuessed it but not to really delve into it and admit it to each other, if that makes sense.  My reason for this is labels often do more harm than good.  Some of his friends have also brought the thought up to him as well.  That being said, he’s aware but not certain – not having a formal diagnosis. How might I get that?  Is there online (valid) testing or do I need to see if he will visit a health care professional?


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