A Little Known Way To Increase Autism Employment

autism employmentI do not believe we can repair the basic fabric of society until people who are willing to work have work.  Work organizes life.  It gives structure and discipline.  Bill Clinton

Have you ever watched a dog trying to catch its tail?  It runs around and around, never quite able to get it.

That’s what people on the spectrum may sometimes feel like when they try to apply for jobs or make money.

In this article, I hope to help you become like a dog who doesn’t chase his tail, but rather like the hunting dog who chases and catches the duck!

Making Autism Employment Possible

According to the Fall 2011 issue of Autism Spectrum News,

In a 2008 study of 200 families with transition-age and adult children with an autism spectrum condition, 74% of the respondents were unemployed, and 74% of those employed worked less than 20 hours per week….Most studies show that 75-85% of adults with Asperger syndrome do not hold a full-time job.

Building An Internet Business

Leslie Samuel grew up in St. Maarten and came to the United States to study biology.  He went on from his undergraduate degree to get a master’s degree in Biology.  He dreamed of teaching biology at the University Level.  But as he progressed in his graduate studies, he desired more to teach than he did to research narrow subjects that a PhD would require.  He got a job teaching high school biology, but still desired to teach university students.  Along the way, he discovered the internet as a way to teach.  He created Interactive Biology to make biology learning fun for his high school students and anyone else who wanted to learn about biology.  Today, he is an Assistant Professor at Andrews University in the Doctor of Physical Therapy program.  How did he get this job, when there were probably hundreds of other more qualified candidates with a PhD?  Well, during the interview, Leslie asked his interviewers to look at his Interactive Biology site.  He amazed them!  And the rest is history.

What does Leslie have to do with adults on the autism spectrum?!  He doesn’t have autism, but I shared Leslie’s story because it shows how powerfully profitable the internet becomes  when one combines his creativity with a sound internet platform.  I believe that adults with Aspergers are great candidates to make the internet a better place.  People with Aspergers, like anyone else, can learn how to build an internet business that is profitable and successful!

Why do I believe this?

Adult with Aspergers Have Positive Characteristics Conducive to Building A Profitable Internet Business

Here are some key positive characteristics I reference from Mark Hutten’s article, 50 Positive Aspergers Characteristics.  I believe these characteristics can help an adult with Aspergers succeed at building a profitable internet business.  People with Aspergers, generally, are:

  • Conscientious, reliable, honest
  • Intelligent and talented
  • Less inclined to be fickle
  • Not motivated by an intense social drive to spend time with whoever happens to be available
  • Have a good work ethic
  • Have values not shaped by financial, social, or political influences
  • Make very good employees if able to have control over and work within a solitary or socially supportive environment.

A conscientious, reliable, and honest person will produce great content for her customers.  It takes intelligence and content, as well as hyper focus, to build an online business.  An autism spectrum person’s ability to work alone, with a good work ethic and strong values, will put the hours in and promote quality products to his customers.

Michael Burry and Adam Young are just a couple focused, motivated Asperger adults who have succeeded with these qualities.

Mark Mason wrote a guest post at Internet Business Mastery about five keys for running a successful internet business (part 2 of the article series is here).  Clear vision and clarity about lifestyle goals can take work, since people on the autism spectrum sometimes struggle with keeping a big picture in mind.  However, people with autism spectrum conditions are able to focus on their specialized interests with energy and enthusiasm.

Here is an article I wrote about what I’d do if I was starting out as an internet business builder, called Who Else Wants To Make Money With Your Blog.  Follow the mentors I list there.  You can trust them to lead you in the right direction.

photo credit:Victor1558

Now I’d like to hear from you.  Do you agree that building an internet business is one of the best ways to increase autism employment?  Let me know by leaving me a comment!

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