Give Up On Living?

Reaching for Hope

photo credit: kudumomo on Flickr Creative Commons

Wow! I was going along in my life, when I was nailed between the eyes with this amazing video.

How many of us are going through life, often thinking about what we don’t have, or what weaknesses we have. How many of us feel like we drew the short straw in life? How many of us think, “It’s not fair!”

Before you go any further, you have got to view this video, and then take a true look at yourself and your life. Don’t give up on living! In fact, go from surviving to thriving. I think you will, if you truly take the time to absorb the implications of this video.

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Julie Johnson
Julie Johnson

I saw him and his testimony on tv not that long ago... wow... how cool!!!


Julie, we so often need reminders and role models of individuals who rise above their difficulties and find the opportunities. What an incredible example this young man is to all of us!