Discover Five Characteristics of Autism Which NTs Aspire To

I’ve been told, at times, that I’m too nice.   I don’t like conflict, and many times have avoided confronting people or speaking up assertively for what I need. On the other hand, when I took the Strengths Finder test (great book, information on taking the test online is in the book) a couple of […]

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Can Two Aspergers Adults Make Healthy Relationships?

Caucas’ via photopin cc A few years ago, my wife and I were in the car, driving from Indiana back to Chicago, IL, after a visit with my parents. She was driving, I was navigating. Suddenly, we came to a fork in the highway. “Which way should I go?”, she asked frantically? It was too […]

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Could Desk Research Be a Good Fit for Adults with Aspergers?

I was a senior in college.  Halfway through my year, I was hit with a wave of panic.  I had no idea what I wanted, really, to major in!   I didn’t know what career I wanted to embark on! I had majored in Anthropology and Sociology, but had no idea what I could do […]

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