Aspergers Adults Symptoms and Signs Explained

A covered pot of rice and water, if left unattended, will boil over.  You can imagine the surprise and stress in the room when the rice and water are boiling over the edges of the pan. Aspergers  adults symptoms and signs are like that pot of water and rice on the flame. The same thing […]

7 Easy Anxiety Help Tips

Anxiety does not empty tomorrow of its sorrows, but only empties today of its strength. Charles Spurgeon Imagine a kidnapper holding you hostage.  It happens daily, sometimes multiple times a day, sometimes once a day. Sometimes he comes to you at night.  He holds a gun to your head, with only one bullet.  He spins […]

anxiety help tips

Do You Recognize These Positive Aspergers Characteristics?

It takes many different strands of vibrant color woven together to make a beautiful tapestry. The world needs a diversity of people. The world needs the positive characteristics aspergers brings to us.   Some members of Aspie Facebook Groups and from the forums of Wrong Planet shared what they most appreciate about the autism spectrum. […]

Get Rid of Adult (Aspergers) Uncertainty Once and For All

Aspergers Diagnosis for Adults Many individuals around the world may have grown up feeling as if they live on an alien planet.  Nothing makes sense.  Everything they feel comfortable with, other people seem to view as strange.  They may have gone through school being ridiculed, not fitting in.  Then, over time, they may gather bits […]

How Adults With Aspergers Have Increased My Autism Spectrum IQ

  Adults With Aspergers: My Best Autism Teachers I think it’s about time that we who do not have Aspergers take time to learn about Aspergers from friends, loved ones, and acquaintances on the autism spectrum. The world becomes a better place when we can understand and honor each other’s unique personalities, strengths, and differences. […]