Get Rid of Aspergers School Homework Problems Once and For All

aspergers schoool

I apologize. This article won’t get rid of Aspergers homework problems once and for all. However, if you apply the parenting homework strategies I’ve outlined in this post, there’s a great chance that your child’s homework problems will become less frequent over time. Sure, you can love your child when he or she has just [...]

Here’s An Aspergers Teaching Tip: Think With Your Eyes

aspergers teaching directed eye gaze

The eyes are the windows of the soul.  –English proverb Many parents, teachers, and therapists assume that individuals with Aspergers don’t want to communicate. It’s not true. What most NT’s (neurotypicals) have hard wired into their brains, Aspies (individuals with Aspergers) don’t:   social cognitive knowledge. Michelle Garcia Winner, from Social Thinking, has pioneered an [...]

Here Are 3 Tips For Coping With Anger

coping with anger

What if I told you there’s nothing wrong with anger?! You may or may not agree with me. There’s nothing wrong with anger alone, but it’s when anger gets out of control, either internally or externally, that we need to take some action. Coping With Anger Tip #1:  Stop Perhaps you have never really stopped [...]

Little Known Ways To Tell Your Aspergers Child About Sex

aspergers children sex educationaspergers children sex education

I recently visited an Asperger’s forum, and a parent asked this question: Wanted to ask, for those with older kids, especially boys, how did you handle sexuality, puberty, pornography, etc? My son it becoming sexually curious at 11 and we have caught him on some inappropriate websites. We tryed not to be mad but explain [...]

Who Else Wants These Aspergers Parenting Resources?

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Parents of children with Aspergers need all the resources they can get. But where can they begin?  If you type the word “Aspergers” into the search engines, you’ll come up with over 5 million results! As I was thinking about this topic, I wanted to bring you a targeted list of resources you can bookmark [...]