Who Else Wants Parenting Stress Relief on the Autism Spectrum?

parenting children with mild autism

Your child has just gotten home from school.  You’re frazzled from a long day at the office or the parent-teacher association meeting you just finished.  There’s a lot on your mind: your kids’ activities, all the house work that needs to be done.  Your child drops his/her backpack on the floor and turns on the [...]

Here’s A Special Aspergers Solution: Social Behavior Mapping

aspergers child social behavior mapaspergers child social behavior map

How many parents are pulling their hair out from all the incident reports they are getting regarding their kid’s behavior in school? How many Aspergers kids dread going to school because they don’t know what they are going to do wrong next? How many teachers are having nightmares about their next school day because they [...]

Help Your Asperger’s Child With These Top Activities, Games, and Tools

games for children with autism

Our whole life is solving puzzles. ~Erno Rubik The above quote is brilliant: because it’s true! Individuals on the autism spectrum, like all people everywhere, have puzzles and challenges to solve in their lives. Neurotypicals also have challenges. For AS individuals, however, the challenges may be different: how to navigate the social world, how to [...]

Who Else Wants These Aspergers (Pre) College Recommendations?

aspergers college preparationaspergers college preparation

It’s a bit overwhelming to prepare for life after high school.  And if you have Aspergers, it’s important that you find colleges that understand Aspergers and will help you work with your strengths as well as your weaknesses. I’m grateful to the high caliber professionals in one of my LinkedIn groups for their recommendations and [...]

Here’s A Quick Social Skill For Children On The Autism Spectrum


“You cannot truly listen to anyone and do anything else at the same time.” — M. Scott Peck I remember attending a counseling skills training seminar. We worked on some role play of effective listening skills.  I found that when I felt the person ‘counseling’ me truly listened, I really felt cared for. And it [...]