Get Rid of Adult (Aspergers) Uncertainty Once and For All

adult autism aspergers diagnosis

Many individuals around the world may have grown up feeling as if they live on an alien planet.  Nothing makes sense.  Everything they feel comfortable with, other people seem to view as strange.  They may have gone through school being ridiculed, not fitting in. Then, over time, they may gather bits and peices of information [...]

Must-Have Autism Spectrum Books: Before and After A Diagnosis

autism aspergers books

As a blogger and counselor working to stay current with my knowledge of autism spectrum conditions, I am continually looking for good books to recommend to you, the readers, and and to add to my library. I’ve read a number of interesting posts on Facebook and in other Aspergers forums with questions and opinions about [...]

Here’s A Secret That Can Bring Aspergers Peace of Mind


Do you know one word that can put a lot of individuals on the spectrum at ease? It’s not a cure.  It’s not a drug.  It’s not a “happily ever after” promise.  But it is something that will bring relief. The Secret Word is “Diagnosis” Have you ever asked a person with vision problems to [...]