Sick and Tired of Useless Dating Tips? Read This

More Helpful Advice From Dr. Duana Welch

Welcome to 2016, everyone! I’m kicking off the new year with more dating tips from Dr. Duana Welch, author of Love Factually. It’s a continuation of my interview from episode 23, These 5 Helpful Dating Questions Will Boost Your Confidence. Dr. Welch went through the ups and downs, heartaches, and trials that many of us […]


These 5 Helpful Dating Questions Will Boost Your Confidence

Little Known Dating Tips From Dr. Duana Welch

Could it be that asking the right dating questions is key to having satisfying dating experiences? It’s been a long time since my dating days. I had so many dating questions back then  In many ways, I was like someone stumbling around in the dark, trying to find a light switch. I wasn’t sure what to talk […]

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3 More Marriage Advice Tips To Help Your Relationship

TWAP020: Eva Mendes, Psychotherapist and Couples Counselor, Shares Her Experience and Hope

Would you like marriage advice from a relationship expert? When I interviewed Lianne Holliday Willey for Episode 17, she spoke highly of Eva Mendes, psychotherapist and couples counselor, and author of Marriage and Lasting Relationships with Aspergers Syndrome. I’m excited to share today’s interview with you, because Eva is so optimistic, honoring, and hopeful about […]

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It’s Here! Quick Relationship Help You Can Use

David Finch and the Journal of Best Practices

Do you want relationship help?   You may be struggling in your marriage. David Finch was struggling in his marriage before he discovered his Aspergers diagnosis. But once he figured out his mind worked differently, he designed his own personal development plan that saved his marriage. David’s here to share his story, a bit about […]

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4 Valuable Ways To Better Understand Your Neurotypical Partner

What Aspergians Need To Know About Neurotypicals

Aspergers author Liane Holliday Willey describes just one aspect of communication with her neurotypical (NT) husband that befuddled her early on in their marriage relationship. Marriage Help for Aspergians and Autistics I convinced myself every woman felt like each word from their husband’s mouth ran backwards, slipped through thresholds and hid under the surface never […]