Aspergers Personal Hygiene Care: Who Gives a Care?

aspergers personal hygiene care

Who Gives a Care About Aspergers Personal Hygiene? A lot of people! People with Aspergers are logical. And I’ve read different hygiene and grooming opinions in some Aspie forums. Here’s what some have said: “If it doesn’t look dirty or smell dirty, it’s not dirty, so cleaning would be a waste of time.” “Showering is [...]

Take The Guesswork Out of Aspergers Dating

aspergers dating relationships

Did you know that today’s Aspergers Relating Casualties are Tomorrow’s Dating Successes?  Tweet This! Some people are pessimistic about Aspergers relationships. And I’m talking about Aspies themselves!  I visited a couple of threads at Wrong Planet and read that very statement [an Aspie commented that all the other comments were very pessimistic] after a string of comments [...]

Autism Statistics Infographic

Autism Statistics Here are some autism statistics and facts from Autism Speaks. Autism affects 1 in 88 children and 1 in 54 boys More children will be diagnosed in 2012 than with AIDS, diabetes, and cancer combined Boys are four more times likely than girls to have autism Why is  autism on the rise? Per [...]

Break Up With Aspergers Relationship Problems

aspergers relationship problems

I really would like to be in a relationship. I know it is not impossible for an aspie to be in a relationship but I am27 years old and Never have.  I am afraid that I will die first. Many people in my family that are younger that me are married with kids and I [...]

Discover Your Possible Careers With These Free Tools

aspergers possible careers

I grew up in Brazil, South America.  Kids in northern Brazil love to fly kites. They’ll often engage in kite wars.   They mix glue and crushed glass together in a bown and run the string through it. Then, while flying the kites, they  “cross string” with another kite.  They’ll make kite dance and dive, until [...]