Aspergers Books I’ve Been Reading This Summer

“To read a writer is for me not merely to get an idea of what he says, but to go off with him and travel in his company.”
- Andre Gide

aspergers booksReading is one of my key ways to better serve people with Aspergers syndrome.

It’s only by understanding Aspergers, reading books by Aspie authors, and learning new ways to be of service that I can effectively help others.

I recommend reading to you as well!  You may wonder how you can get some reading time into your busy schedule.

  • Listen instead of reading.  You’d be surprised how many people learn better through listening than by reading.  Go to Audible to listen to the books I’ve listed below.
  • Make reading Aspergers books part of your evening or morning routine. If you don’t have a evening or morning routine, think about putting one in place!  I’ll share my evening routine as an example:
    • 930 pm to 10 pm: Review my personal vision, mission statement, and goals.
    • 10 pm to 10:15 pm: Arrange everything I will need to start my next day (clothes, keys, etc)
    • 10:15 pm to 10:30 pm: Journal about my day, including my gratitude list.
    • 10:30 pm to 11 pm: Read [hint: during this time, I'll often peruse one of my Aspergers related books]
Aspergers Books I’ve Been Reading This Summer  Please Tweet This!

Be Different 

John Elder Robison shared his autobiography as an Aspie in his first book, Look Me In the Eye.

In his second book, he helps both Aspies and Nypicals understand many Aspergers characteristics, topics, and challenges.
He writes about Rituals, Manners, and Quirks; Emotions; Getting Along With Others; Sensory Challenges; and Finding Your Gifts.

I also appreciate the section of his appendix providing a section on Autism Centers and Professionals (a listing); Aspergers Schools; Aspergers Support Organizations; Movies and Books about Aspergers; and Web Resources.

John does not sugar coat the challenges of living with Aspergers, but he also ignites hope and pride in his Aspie readers. Being Different can be a gift. And he shows his readers how to unwrap that gift.

Loving Someone With Aspergers Syndrome: Understanding and Connecting With Your Partner

Cindy Ariel, PhD, is a psychologist in Philadelphia, PA, with over twnety years of experiences working with people dealing with Asperger’s syndrome. She is coeditor of Voices from the Spectrum.

What. Why. How.

Some books describe Aspergers Syndrome well.

They also explain Why there can be challenges in Aspie relationships.

This book describes the What and the Why, but goes further with How Solutions.

For example, Dr. Ariel helps readers

  • highlight the autism spectrum advantages in his/her relationship
  • identify specific differences and challenges in the relationship
  • re frame challenging behaviors
  • set up systems to overcome relationship difficulties
  • rekindle love in the relationship
  • ensure each others’ needs are met
  • cope with anger and conflict
  • increase emotional and sexual intimacy

These are just a few of the practical solutions Dr. Ariel offers.

Scholars With Autism: Achieving Dreams 

Individuals with autism are my best teachers.
Each of the nine scholars contributing to this book describe their difficulties and accomplishments in their journey of achieving their dreams.
You’ll learn a lot and be inspired as each one voices the struggles and triumphs of living with autism spectrum conditions in a neurotypical world.

How To Find Work That Works for People with Asperger Syndrome

Gail Hawkins, the author, is a vocational consultant who has specialized in helping people on the autism spectrum prepare for and find employment for 22 years. In 1995 she founded Mission Possible, the first employment agency in North America to spcialize in Employment Services for people with Asperger Syndrome.

Ms. Hawkins lays out a comprehensive, step by step guide for a) people who want to help others on the spectrum find work or b) Aspies themselves who want to find work that works for them.

She lays the book out in three parts: The Players (the employer, the individual candidate, the job coach, the family, and professional helpers); The Foundation: Four Pillar Teaching Technique, 10 Tools for Building Successful Strategies; Assessing Employment Skills; and Building a Foundation of Skill; and The Drea: The Career Direction Formula; Interviews/Cover Letters/Resumes; The Job Search; and Keeping the Job.

What Aspergers books have you been reading this summer, and which ones  do you recommend?

Aspergers Books I’ve Been Reading This Summer  Please Tweet This!

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