TWAP14: A Very Late Adult Aspergers Diagnosis

Philip Wylie Talks About His Personal Journey

Philip Wylie, A Very Late Adult Aspergers Diagnosis, and More

I’m excited for you to meet today’s guest: He’s Philip Wylie, author of Very Late Diagnosis of Asperger Syndrome, and Psychobiography of a Systemiser.

adult aspergers philip wylie

He’s an important voice among Asperger adults diagnosed late in life.

His story can encourage you, if you’ve also been diagnosed later in life, and I hope this podcast interview and his books will become part of a mighty lever that will move stereotypes and bigotry into awareness and acceptance of neurodiverse people.

Philip Wylie always knew he was different.  He just never knew why.

He spent lots and lots of time and money trying to figure himself out, until the age of 51, using every therapy under the sun.

Along his intensive journey of personal growth, he received clues that would lead him, ultimately, to discover Aspergers syndrome.

Philip trained as a holistic personal development facilitator at Richmond-upon-ThamesCollege, London in year 2001/2002.

He says, about this training:

This excellent training ignited my interest in Carl Gustav Jung while I was designing my own mandalas using geometry.

He previously worked as Finance Director and Company Secretary of a British offshore bank, before locating to Thailand, where he has lived for the past twelve years.

Philip has brought a lifetime of experience with him today to deliver insights as an Aspergers adult to you.  He’ll share his diagnostic journey, how a diagnosis of Aspergers changed his life, how he systemized his life as he did for his psychobiography, and about a developmental model he has developed, called the Nine Degrees of Autism.

A fun fact – Philip’s idea of Nirvana:

Driving my motorbike through the countryside, enjoying the natural wonders of the world, enjoying stimulating conversation, good music and indie movies.

Are you ready to be inspired, challenged, and stretched?  Let’s go!

In this episode you’ll learn:

  • The clues that led Philip to his discovery of Aspergers
  • The pros and cons of receiving an Aspergers diagnosis, and Philip’s suggested middle path about disclosing your Aspergers diagnosis
  • How Philip systemized his life
  • Why it’s so important for parents of children with autism to look at their own personal neurology and ancestry.

And much more…

Links and Resources

Very Late Diagnosis of Asperger Syndrome: How Seeking A Diagnosis In Adulthood Can Change Your Life, by Philip Wylie

philip wylie psychobiography





Psychobiography of a Systemiser, by Philip Wylie

In early 2012, Philip received a pre-diagnostic assessment from Sara Heath of Autonomy (UK) after a one hour Skype interview / evaluation.   In 2013, he obtained a formal diagnosis from a psychiatrist who consults for the UN in Asia.

Here is a link to The Nine Degrees of Autism, Philip’s next book which is in process.  Philip has shared this book proposal with Dr. Luke Beardon at SHU and he recognized it as being a valid developmental model for autism and other hidden neurological conditions.

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