TWAP084: Anita Lesko: Nurse Anesthetist, Author, and Advocate

The Fine Art of Living: Personal Growth Inspiration from Anita Lesko's Story

anita lesko

Life is a struggle.

In the midst of the struggle, I find myself turning to stories for inspiration.

Anita Lesko’s story is one of those stories that inspire me to keep going even when I’m down.

Anita was diagnosed with Aspergers in her 50s.

Upon being diagnosed, she immediately started a support group for families with autism.

She’s a CertifiedRegistered Nurse Anesthetist who’s maintained a successful career in the midst of a stressful and interaction filled environment.

In This Episode You’ll Learn:

  • What it was like growing up feeling different
  • David Thoreau’s quote that made a difference
  • Discovering her Asperger’s diagnosis at age 50
  • The pros and cons of a later Asperger’s diagnosis- Anita’s perspectiveAnita’s interests, and how they served her – horses, Blue Angel pilots, and her career as a nurse anesthetist
  • Challenges at work – sensory sensitivities, dealing with social politics, dealing with sudden emergencies
  • How Anita’s disclosure of her diagnosis, along with working a Ph.D. advocate from CANS, helped her keep her job
  • Famous people who have inspired Anita:  Oprah, Temple Grandin, Susan Boyle, and Jon Bon Jovi
  • Finding something you’re passionate about – Anita’s key to overcoming discouragement and obstacles in her life
  • Volunteering as a path to finding opportunities you’re passionate about
  • How Anita started an Asperger adults support group, and how you can, too


Anita’s Website –

Job Accommodations Network

Books by Anita Lesko:

Temple Grandin: The Stories I Tell My Friends

The Complete Guide to Autism & Healthcare: Advice for Medical Professionals and People on the Spectrum

Asperger’s Syndrome: When Life Hands You Lemons, Make Lemonade

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