TWAP069 Social Thinking Will Make You Re-Think Social Skills

An Interview with Michelle Garcia Winner, Founder of SocialThinking.Com

social thinking

I want you to imagine something with me.

Imagine that you are told that you need to learn to drive a car.

You’re taught how to brake, how to use your mirrors, and how to stay on the road.

But pretend with me that your instructor never taught you about the rules of the road.

He never told you that you need to let the person on your right go first at a four way stop.

You’d feel like you only got part of the education of driving!

It’s the same thing with social skills training.

You need to understand the context within social skills fits.

And that’s where social thinking comes in.

Today’s Guest:

Michelle Garcia Winner


Social Thinking



You’ll Learn:

  • Who is Michelle Garcia Winner, and how did she develop the concept of social thinking
  • What social thinking is, as compared to social skills
  • The metaphor of the social brain versus the science brain
  • Michelle Garcia Winner’s Social Communication Profiles
  • Practical steps to improve your social competency
  • The importance of developing a growth mindset when learning social thinking.


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