TWAP079: A Field Guide To Earthlings

An Interview With Autistic Author Star Ford

a field guide to earthlings

What if you planned to travel to a foreign country where you do not speak the language?

And what if, when you arrived, the tourist guidebook was written in that country’s language?

I don’t know about you, but I’d find that guidebook very hard to understand!

Star Ford, the author of A Field Guide To Earthlings, has written a guidebook to neurotypicals from an autistic’s point of view.

She’s made the neurotypical world much easier for autistics to understand.

And it’s very helpful for me, as a neurotypical, to read.

We were unable, of course, to cover the 62 detailed neurotypical pattern descriptions, but Star selected a few to highlight for you.

In This Episode You’ll Learn:

  • Star’s definition of autism.
    • Autism is unfiltered perception leading to high sensitivity, low acculturation, and cognitive independence. I see the other ‘symptoms’ listed by psychologists as side effects of that basic difference.” (A Field Guide To Earthlings, page 194)
  • The categories of neurotypical life and experience (Patterns of Perception, Patterns of Belief and Learning, Patterns of Communication, Patterns of Feelings and Display, and Patterns of Relationships and Power)
  • Perception,  #2, Symbolic Filtering
  • Belief and Learning Pattern,  #12, Attrition
  • Communication Pattern, #21, Stretching Things Out
  • Relationships and Power, #50, Conflict

Resources and Links

A Field Guide To Earthlings – this is the website for the book, where you can check out the table of contents and read 30 pages for free.

Divergent Labs – a set of programs by autistics for autistics

Ocate Cliffs – a retreat and work center for autistics by autistics.  You can read Star’s bio at the site.

Star Ford, A Field Guide To Earthlings

Star Ford

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