You Need To See These 5 Free Goal Setting Tools

What To Do When Setting Goals Sends You Running For Cover

Have you ever wished for a step by step guide to help you carry out an overwhelming task?

setting goals free tools
Like setting goals?
A couple of years ago, I dreamed of starting the Thrive With Aspergers podcast.
Notice I said “a couple of years.” As in two!
I struggled and floundered in procrastination, until I stumbled across Jason Van Orden’s How To Podcast Tutorial, and Pat Flynn’s How To Start Podcasting
Finally, I had guides that showed me what to do first, what to do second, and so on.
And they were free!

Setting Goals: These 5 Free Tools Will Teach You How

Before I share these tools, here’s an inspirational video about the power of setting goals.
Goals don’t change you, by themselves.
But who you become in the process of setting and achieving those goals can be remarkable.
Roger weighed 275 pounds when he set three goals for himself.
Watch his story, and be inspired to set goals for your own life.
Like Roger, you may have dreams and hopes.
Like me, you may struggle with overwhelm about how to set and track your goals.
Please check out these 5 Free Tools for setting goals and pick the one that suits you best.


This free goal setting software helps you name your goal. It asks you to describe what you want to achieve. It also asks why it’s important to accomplish the goal, and what milestones you’ve got to carry out on your way to achieving the goal. It also prompts you to set up new habits, to create tasks, and to do a SMART review.
You can also have the program send you email or text reminders on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. And you can make the goal private or public.
If you’re a bit leery of having your name on a site, you can make up a pen-name to set your goals with. That way your privacy’s assured.

The Goal Setting Toolkit –

This goal setting toolkit is free.
The designer created Wallet Sized Goal Setting cards. The cards are paper based. It includes a BHAG Card (big, hairy,
audacious goal), a Daily Goal Card, Setting Performance Goals cards, and a 48-minute card!
The great thing is how it breaks everything down into simple cards.
The drawback, for me, is that I’d lose all the pieces of paper and become somewhat overwhelmed and give up.
But maybe you’re more organized than I am: so if it works for you, give it a go!

Simpleology –

I’m a raving Simpleology fan. I’ve used its free version for years, and I combine it with my paid Nozbe task system.
I love Simpleology because it’s just that: Simple!
And it holds you by the hand while it teaches you the principles of goal setting and productivity. As a guy who’s prone to distraction, Simpleology has saved me more than once!
You’ll see in the video that it helps you set a Long Term, Medium Term, and Short Term Goal. Then, every day as you start your day, it prompts you to set a
task toward accomplishing each goal.
Here’s a video showing someone using it.

StickK –

Please don’t tire of my running stories. But I really didn’t care about running until I signed up and paid for a race.

Once I had money on the line, I wasn’t going to give up on training for the race!

StickK, co-founded by a Yale economics professor, found that money is a powerful incentive.

StickK allows you to set up a “commitment contract" that holds you to your goal. You can lay money on the line and choose a referee (that could be a friend or family member) to confirm that you have successfully reached your goal.

Goal Amigo –

Pros – easy to set goals: in fact, to show you the power of goal setting – I had an account here, and I hadn’t used it since last August. Guess what the
goal was? Start a podcast by 1/1/15! I was a month late, but I got started and I’m still going strong!
Cons – there are a lot of “spammy” advertisements on the site, and someone left a lot of “bot” type comments under my goal.
But it is free!
Now it’s time to get to work! Set that goal and change your life!
photo credit: Jeff Sheldon
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  • Chris Marie

    The problem with Simpleology is it no longer offers the free version. Now it is a $47 per month subscription to even get in.

  • Hi, Chris, I went to the site – if you click on the “products” pages, it will take you to this link – – I’ve never paid for the service. There is also a cheaper level of $7 per month you could use. I’m not an affiliate for Simpleology, but I do love the system.

  • Chris Marie

    I did not see that page. I have had an account with Simpleology for years, but stopped using it when the “improvements” did away with some of the features I used most. I was able to log into my old account to learn it no longer allows me access to programs I paid for years ago but decided to give it another shot anyway.