If You’re Lonely, Find An Aspergers Support Group

It takes community to maintain a human.

asperger support groups

Earl Davis

No one can whistle a symphony. It takes a whole orchestra to play it.

H.E. Luccock

After the Aspergers diagnosis.

Parents. Adults. Teenagers. Kids.

When any one of these people first find out about the Asperger’s diagnosis, they go through a myriad of emotions.

After the dust starts to settle, people start to ask question. This is brand new territory to some people. Others have lived with Aspergers for a long time.

Often, they all have loneliness in common.

But no one needs to be or stay alone. Thanks to increased awareness, Asperger support groups have sprung up internationally and locally. And on the internet!

Here’s some help for people and parents dealing with Asperger. Check out these different sites and see if you can find a fit for your particular situation.


GRASP stands for the Global and Regional Asperger Syndrome Partnership.

GRASP’s mission, per their website, is to ‘ improve the lives of adults and teens on the autism spectrum through community outreach, peer supports, education, and advocacy.’

If you like Facebook as much as I do, you may want to stop by GRASP’s Facebook Page and join the community. I just joined, so I hope you’ll join me there! 🙂

Here’s a state by state listing of asperger support groups in the United States from GRASP’s website.


The link above will take you to yet another state by state listing of Aspeger support groups in the United States.

Aspergers Meetups

Meetup.Com offers easy access to Aspergers support groups in your area.

Meet with local people affected by Asperger’s Disorder (Asperger Syndrome) for support and discussion.

When you go to Asperger Meetups, you’ll see a search menu on the top right hand side of the page.

What if there is no Asperger support group near you?

Create a meetup group of your own! Here’s the link. You may need to pay some ‘organizer’s fees’ to get started. However, once you get organized, the group members can each contribute dues so that you’re not footing the bill. Reach out to other people and families in your community through your local newspaper. It’s a cheap way to get the word out on a mass scale to your community.

Wrong Planet

Alex Plank founded this online autism community years ago when he was still in high school!

Today, this online group has mushroomed to 66,000 members!

Here are just a few of some of the Asperger support topics you can find in this community’s online forums:

  • General Autism Discussion
  • Parents Discussion Group
  • Social Skills and Making Friends
  • Adult Autism Discussion
  • Adolescent Autism Forum
  • Kids Crater
  • Love and Dating
  • Work and Finding a Job

Aspergers Support Network Group on Facebook

Join the Asperger Support Network on Facebook, and you’ll be linked with almost 13,000 members from around the world!

I’ve enjoyed the daily discussions that the moderator presents.

Here are some recent topics that have been discussed:

  • ”How do you tell your aspie that they are an aspie?”
  • How do you cope when your child switches from calm to angry in an instant? How do you cope with this and what do you think causes it? Any of you guys on the spectrum, please feel free to let us know how such a swing in mood so quickly makes you feel.
  • For Adults with Asperger…..How did you deal with your diagnosis? Do you have people around you who understand you? How is life for you generally? Thank you so much for sharing your stories/experiences with us.

Aspergers Support Groups in the United Kingdom

If you click on the heading above, you’ll be taken to a site that will help you find an Asperger support group in your regional area of the United Kingdom.

If you have other links you recommend for Asperger Support Groups, please let me know!

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