Improving Communication Skills – Who Can Help?

Good Help Is Hard To Find – My Blogging Story

I’ve been blogging almost seven years.

improving communication skills

Last year I wanted someone to help me take my blogging to the next skill level.
Through the years, I signed up for different learning opportunities based on promises the course teacher provider.

Unfortunately, I didn’t always pay too close of attention to the teacher’s credentials. I signed up for a couple of courses whose teachers were themselves struggling, had little empathy for my problems, and seemed more interested in my money than in giving me much help.

Then I started reading to and listening to Michael Hyatt’s blog. He started his blog a few years ago, was pressed for time, running a company as CEO, and offered so much value to me with every blog post he wrote. When he held a webinar earlier this year talking about Platform University, I was convinced he a) has wrestled with the same problems I have in growing a blog effectively, b) that he was more interested in helping me, and not taking my money without providing value.

I joined Platform University, and I’ve been glad I did ever since.

Have You Found Someone To Help You in Improving Your Communication Skills?

Just as I was struggling to improve my blogging skills, you may be thinking of Improving Communication Skills.

Have you ever tried to –

  • start a conversation?
  • continue a conversation?
  • make a friend?
  • keep a friend?
  • date?
  • get married?
  • or stay married?
  • or parent effectively?

All of these activities require good communication skills. If you’ve tried using your communication skills, you’ll know that Aspergers can create communication challenges.

So what do you do? Many people have found success by deciding, committing, and taking massive action to improve their communication.

But before you go looking for good communication courses, learn from my experience in seeking out mentors and learning. This post will tell you what you need to know to make sure you select the tools that will help you in improving your communication.

3 Questions to Ask About Your Potential Guide

Is your guide familiar with Aspergers?

There are universal principles for improving communication skills.

Assuming I had Aspergers, I would like to learn from someone who understands my unique strengths and challenges with communicating with neurotypical people. Otherwise, the “expert” might leave out key learning tools tailored to my way of thinking.

Has the writer struggled with communication skills and found solutions that have worked for him?

If you’re teaching me, I like knowing that you may have struggled with communication skills in some area of your life. I don’t want to be taught down to, but rather helped by someone who understands my struggles and has found some solutions.

Does the writer have a track record of helping others succeed?

Here are A Couple Guides to Help You With Improving Communication Skills

Daniel Wendler, from Improve Your Social Skills

Daniel Wendler Asperger man who struggled with social rejection, bullying, loneliness.

Once diagnosed with Aspergers, he determined to learn about and overcome his social awkwardness.

Now he can teach you to improve your communication skills. He teaches through his social skills guide, much of which is free, and other material that is very reasonably priced. He can also give you one on one coaching.

Read his Manifesto, Foundations-How to Use the Guide , and Setting Your Social Skills  pages.

Christopher Woodward, from Social Maze Guide

Christopher Woodward is another Asperger man who struggled with social and communication skills. But he went to work on his own personal growth journey and now talks to groups of people about improving your social skills.

I recently purchased his Social Maze Guide and am making my way through it. I’ll be sharing some of the tips and strategies with an Asperger friend of mine and getting his opinions about what works for him from this book.

Mr. Woodward has written 20 chapters covering topics like –

  • Three things an Aspergian must do to to succeed socially
  • Creating a socially attractive imaged
  • Understanding humor
  • Starting out and developing your social circle
  • Building stronger connections with people

Both Daniel Wendler and Christopher Woodward are Aspergians, have struggled with and become skilled in communicating, and have successful track records in helping people like you succeed socially.

I’m going to read through Daniel Wendler’s page about setting social skills goals and I’m going to write a couple goals of my own this week.

What first steps will you take today to start improving your communication skills?  Please share below!

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