TWAP034: Aspieology – Dating Online, Or Not!

An Interview With's Founder, Reg

dating online

Dating online.

It can be exhausting!  That’s what Reg, founder of, found out.

Himself Aspergian, he thought long and hard.

With his experience in designing websites, he thought, “There’s got to be a better way for Aspergians to meet each other.”

And Aspieology was born.

Today’s Guest

Reg, founder of, a dating site by an Aspergian for Aspergians.



You’ll Learn

  • What inspired Reg, an Aspersion, to create a dating site for Aspergians
  • Why Reg gave up on dating to build instead
  • Why Aspieology is a great place to make friends, even if you’re not interested in dating.
  • How Aspieology is similar to, yet different from
  • How Reg keeps Aspieology free of trolls and bullies
  • Reg’s journey of discovering he is on the spectrum
  • The Aspieology Type Quiz
  • Many other great features of Aspieology
  • The Aspieology Aspergers Resource Page
  • Dating online doesn’t have to be a chore –  sign up today for free at!

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