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Ears Wide Open - Wisdom from Aspergers Couples Counselor Eva Mendes

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Relationship Advice For 3 Most Frequent Marriage Challenges

Eva Mendes, LMHCNCC is a skilled and experienced couples’ counselor working with couples where one or both partners have Asperger Syndrome, and are on the Autism Spectrum (diagnosed or undiagnosed).

She works with adults with Asperger Syndrome (an Autism Spectrum Disorder), High-functioning Autism, ADHD, Non-verbal Learning Disability, PDD NOS, Social (Pragmatic) Communication Disorder, and gifted individuals.

Eva also works with women with Asperger Syndrome.

Originally from Mumbai, India, Eva works with people and couples from a variety of cultural and ethnic backgrounds.

In this episode, I asked Eva to talk about three of the most frequent challenges posed to her in her couples counseling practice.

Challenge #1: Aspergers, Marriage, and Change

Can my partner change and how much progress can we expect?

Challenge #2: One partner wanting the other to Accept an Autism/Asperger Diagnoses

I have a delicate subject that I’m often approached on and I’d like to hear feedback from spouses both on and off the spectrum. Most often, I hear from a partner who’s not on the spectrum asking me, ‘’How can I get my partner to accept that he/she is on the spectrum?’’

Challenge #3:  Identifying the Asperger’s Traits That Can Cause Friction In The Marriage

What does it mean when you say there’s difficulty identifying traits, is that on both sides or is it on one partner’s side?

You’ll Learn:

  • how to name what is causing friction within your marriage
  • How to respond to defensiveness from people on the spectrum.
  • Neuro-typical traits that can cause friction for someone on the spectrum.

Eva Mendes’ Website

Read Eva’s article, titled Marriage with Aspergers Syndrome: 14 Practical Strategies.

Eva’s book, Marriage and Lasting Relationships With Aspergers.

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