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High Functioning Autism Help

Who Are You?

You may be a parent of a child on the autism spectrum.

You may be a teenager, young adult, or older adult on the autism spectrum.

You may be a relative of someone you care about who is on the autism spectrum.

Or, like me, you may be a professional who works with individuals on the autism spectrum.

You may have just discovered the condition.  You may have studied it for a while.

What You May Be Looking For

You may be looking for more information about what Aspergers is.

You may be wanting to find examples of people on the autism spectrum who stand out as positive role models.

Maybe you’re looking for information about careers, social skills, parenting.

The best way to let me know what you’re looking for, however, is to tell me!

This Blog Can Help You


I’m Steve Borgman.

My Value Proposition:

I provide high functioning autism help.  I am a parent of a son with high functioning autism, a therapist specializing in helping children and adults with high functioning autism, and a blogger blogging about Aspergers and high functioning autism.   I help parents, partners and educators better understand autism through my writing. I help adults with high functioning autism take their relationship and career skills to the next level, so that they are more connected and fulfilled.


Listen to my interview with Dr. Erica Goodstone, founder of Healthy Baby Boomers Network, to learn about who I am and why I write and counsel.

You can find more information about me on these different networks Google+, LinkedIn, Facebook, on Twitter, and at Psychology Today.

I also love writing about self-help motivation and personal growth development over at Personal Success Factors. I have been in this field for over ten years, and I am blessed to have work that I absolutely love and am committed to.

In addition, I am a contributing author to a premier free personal newsletter, Sharing Life Skills, featuring many top personal development writers.

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As a parent and therapist, this blog represents my effort to educate myself and learn how to be as good as I can at what I do.

I spend a lot of time reading, researching, and listening to people just like you.  Sometimes, based on questions or concerns you have, I come up with my articles.  Other times, the articles come out of the most recent reflection and reading I do.

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  • Misty Plant

    Hi Mr. Borgman,
    I am a Christian, an Aspie and a young adult. I am having difficulty finding advice or biblical devotional information for Aspies or for young women. I might be barking up the wrong tree, but do you have any advice? I’m the youngest in my Sunday school class and the average members of my class have kids my age. I’m having trouble relating when we are doing Bible study. I look at things differently as an Aspie, and I haven’t experienced even close to what the others have as a young adult. Any advice would be appreciated.

    God bless.
    ~Misty Plant

  • Misty, thank you very much for reaching out and talking about your struggles in this area. Here are some blogs I found relating to Aspergers and Christianity, written by women. Unfortunately, I don’t know that all of them are up to date- This article, even though written by a male Aspie, gives a great insight into this subject as well:

    I’d be glad to talk with you further at some time: Just sign up for an 15 minute talk time here – If you’d like to compose your questions ahead of time, you can email them to me at